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About Us

Smart Insulation began insulating in late 2013 but our story goes a few years back. We are a family owned business that started in the renovation part of construction. Our focus was weatherization work. This meant taking work orders from an agency in Pender (NENCAP) that worked closely with the Nebraska Department of Energy. The priority was to make homes as energy efficient as possible by changing windows, doors, insulating walls and attics and conduct blower door tests to find any air leaks and seal them. 

To be able to conduct this type of work, many classes and training were required by Nebraska Department of Energy to understand the Building Science of a structure. These classes were taken at Central Community College-Columbus, Northeast Community College-Norfolk, Metropolitan Community College-Omaha and many hours of hands on training and our education is continuing as there is always something to learn that's beneficial to our customers.

After a few years of working in this renovation work we saw there was a need for better insulation to be used in homes. We saw so many homes not insulated enough in attics and walls, or insulation settling and even saw where people cut corners many years ago just to get paid. We decided we could change this by doing the job right, from the beginning. And the search for a better insulation began!

While its true that anybody can give a price, hold a hose and insulate, there are things that set us apart from others. With all the training mentioned above you can rest assured that we not only do the work but understand why it needs to be done. What also helps is our training prior to our renovation work. Alex worked as an Energy Auditor or inspector for the low income agency mentioned above. As such it was Alex's job to inspect, use blower doors and thermal infrared gun to break down the envelope of a structure and find areas where the house was under performing. Before becoming an Energy Auditor, Alex graduated in 2008 from Northeast Community College with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Building Construction.
Jose was also very much involved in construction work as well. Working in construction for many years from framing to roofing to flooring, Jose has been certified in different areas of construction. Jose also partook in some of the classes mentioned above. Also, I have not seen anyone work as hard as my dad, Jose. I will never be able to work as hard as him, he is a big help in getting things done in a timely manner, no matter what! He is not only owner but also his own accountant, the money behind Smart Insulation and also a hard worker. My dad and I are always doing the insulation work at the job sites and are constantly making sure that homeowners are getting what they are paying for.

When choosing who will insulate, please remember the training and knowledge we carry. Since we started in late 2013 our strategy was not to be the cheapest insulators around, but have the best product possible, do the work with extreme efficiency, be extremely reliable and do the work like if it was for our own home!

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